We Know We’re Calling It Early, But This Will Be Spring Racing’s Biggest Hair Trend

Jasmine Sanders, a.k.a Golden Barbie, had the hair moment at this year’s Met Gala. Not only did her dramatic braid perfectly fit the theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Church”, but her look took hair accessories to a whole other level, studded with real roses. When we saw it, we instantly fell in love and started planning special occasion outfits to match this very regal ‘do. But this braid looks far too intricate to DIY, right?


A scaled-down version of Jasmine’s breathtaking braid was surprisingly easy to recreate. Sure, it requires a little patience, but after a practise run or two you’ll have it nailed. With embellished hairstyles a clever alternative to hats and fascinators, we’re predicting that this look will be big come Spring racing season – here’s how to do it.

Embellished Braid

  1. Prep the hair with a heat protectant spray.
  2. Secure four small sections of hair with clear elastics, evenly spaced across the crown.
  3. Use a straightening iron, like MUK Style Stick, to create loose waves in the rest of the hair. Vary the size each time to create texture, you don’t want them to be too perfect.
  4. Tuck the end of a length of ribbon into the elastic of each mini pony. Wrap each ribbon down the length of the hair, securing with a clear elastic at the end.
  5. Take the ribbon-wrapped hair on the very left diagonally across the head, and secure with a pin on the right side. Depending on the length of the hair, you may need to repeat this again across to the left side, creating a zig-zag effect. Repeat with all four sections of wrapped hair, working towards the nape of the neck. Note: it might take a few pins to get the hair to stay put!
  6. Separate all hair into three sections (including the wrapped hair) and plait together, leaving a longer tail longer than normal.
  7. Take another piece of ribbon and wrap around the tail of your plait, securing with a clear elastic.
  8. Pull the plait apart with your fingers, thickening the shape of the braid.
  9. Embellish with as many flowers – real or faux – as you like! We used small fake roses secured with U-pins.
  10. Spritz with a finishing spray and tease out the tail of the braid for a textured look.

We Used

De Lorenzo Defence Extinguish Thermal Protection Spray ($27.95)

MUK Style Stick 230-IR Straightener ($199.95)

Matrix Style Links Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray ($26.50)

Carina wears Hansen & Gretel Top, coming soon.

Videography: Salt Studios.
Styling: Kate McGregor.
Creative Direction: Crystal Andrews.

The Best Face Shapes For a ’90s Bob in 2018

We’ll always have a place for Winona Ryder in our hearts (particularly ’90s Winona and especially Winona dating Johnny Depp Winona!!). She was the epitome of cool and her hair, which at times matched that of her beau Johnny Depp, is where we need to be taking our inspiration from this season. We spoke to hairdresser extraordinaire, Joey Scandizzo, because attempting the ’90s Winona bob needs expert advice and thank the Lord we did because there’s a lot more to nailing the cool bob than just asking for it next time you’re in the chair.

Joey admits, it’s all about face shape and if you’re an owner of a heart- or oval-shaped mug you’re in luck!

“It all depends on your bone structure and face shape. A real ’90s bob should be off the shoulders and cut in line with the jawline. Think of Winona Ryder and Christy Turlington who were the original ’90s bob IT girls. This kind of shorter, blunt cut works well if you have a heart-shaped face with high cheekbones and a defined jawline, or an oval face shape where your forehead is still slightly wider than your jawline.”

“How short you go will depend on your bone structure, but the short, blunt bob works with all hair types from wavy to straight,” says Joey. ‘The key to this cut is keeping the exterior or bottom line blunt because that’s where the drama comes from.”

Ask Joey and he’ll tell you the ’90s bob, à la Winona, is the haircut of the season and there are plenty of celebrities that are currently repping the cool cut.

Margot Robbie’s Red Carpet Bob Can Do No Wrong

Margot Robbie hits the red carpet, any red carpet, and the world is served a lewk. Her blonde bob always has us considering getting the chop (and then dying our dark hair cool-blonde) because she so effortlessly looks amazing every time – we know this because we stalk study her tag on image databases daily (hourly, whatever) and every time we are blown away.

Whether she adopts the side-part, adds a wave or delights us with a little flick at the ends, Margot is proof that less is a whole lot more, especially on red carpets, and especially with a blonde bob like hers.

For hair inspo to rival all hair inspo, keep reading for Margot’s finest hair moments.

I Tested Out This Hairspray to See if It Can Stand Up to NYC Humidity

I have a pretty full head of fine, wavy, Jewish-Colombian hair. While this unique hereditary combination means that my locks are voluminous, my ponytails are never limp, and my hair holds curl easily, it also means that the slightest bit of moisture in the air gives me “middle schooler at Summer camp” hair. Basically, every time I step outside onto the humid streets on Manhattan, I am taken back to my first Summer at Cedar Lake Camp, where my wavy hair (and everyone else’s) would turn into a poofy mess.

It’s finally Summer and my hair is rebelling in full force. I don’t bother trying to wear it straight, knowing it will immediately curl up within ten minutes. Looking to remedy my many flyaways, I turned to the Sephora Beauty Insider Community to see if I could find any anti-humidity product reviews. After reading a few outstanding ones for the Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield ($23), I was convinced to add it to my basket and have it delivered as soon as possible.

To my amazement and extreme delight, this product works. Everyday I spritz the product through different sections of my hair as a last step before heading out the door. Even when it drizzled outside, my hair stayed smooth and fuzz-free. Although I’m not much of a hairspray devotee, this one has definitely made its way into my must-have products, and I’m so happy I’ve found it.

The Sneaky Way Princess Diana Cut Her Hair to Prevent a Media Frenzy

While it’s fairly common for celebrities who cut their hair to make the news, Princess Diana was pretty strategic in making sure that didn’t happen. The premise was the same: her hair was so iconic and admired that any small change she made to it caused a media frenzy.

But in an interview with Town and Country, the late princess’s hairstylist Richard Dalton revealed how she avoided calling attention to her hair transformations. “We had to be very careful,” he told the publication. “We had to do it one-fourth of an inch at a time over several weeks.” Additionally, Dalton revealed how incredibly careful a hairstylist must be when styling a royal’s hair with a tiara. “You have to be extremely careful and gentle with it, and absolutely no hairspray or styling product can touch the stones.”

Even if you’ve long dreamed of wearing a tiara, at least you can relish in the fact that you can chop off your hair in one convenient sitting. Maybe there’s an upside of being a commoner, after all.

The Hottest Beauty Products to Hit Sephora This Summer, According to Editors

Some people stock up on giant pool floats when Summer rolls around. Beauty editors? We stock up on makeup at Sephora. From pigmented lip glosses to budge-proof foundations, there’s a whole new crop of buzz-worthy products lining the shelves of the retailer – so we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites so you can pick up the best of the best before hitting the beach or a boozy brunch. Get ready for your Summer to get a hell of a lot hotter.

This Is How You Can Protect Your Hair From Chlorine This Summer, According to an Expert

Our hair can go through a lot in the Summer months: though we’d never complain about good weather, the blazing sunshine can be harsh on our strands, and that’s before you factor in all that swimming. Living in Asia as a kid, the memory of my mom slapping ketchup on my blond ends after hours spent in the pool is all too familiar. Thank goodness there are now products to specifically help with this damage and discolouration! We quizzed hairstylist to the stars Rita Hazan to find out exactly how to maintain healthy hair all Summer long.

How does chlorine affect hair, and how does this differ with coloured hair?

“Chlorine affects hair by essentially stripping it of moisture and its natural oils. This makes hair dull, less flexible, and more prone to breakage and split ends,” Hazan said. In short, chlorine is bad news. She noted that chlorine can exacerbate these effects on coloured hair, particularly if you’re sitting in the sun, as this breaks down the colour molecules.

How can you protect hair from chlorine?

Hazan has a top poolside tip. “Whenever I’m at the pool or the beach, I like to coat my wet hair with a dab of my Triple Threat Split End Remedy ($30). It works to help protect the hair cuticle from becoming dried out and breaking from chlorine exposure. After swimming, I suggest a shampoo and rinse and deep condition.”

Does rinsing hair prior to swimming help minimize damage?

There’s one thing you can do that will reduce damage and doesn’t require any extra product: rinsing hair with water before getting into the pool. Hazan agreed and said, “Wetting hair with clean, fresh water before swimming is supposedly meant to saturate the hair so it doesn’t absorb as much pool water, so I wouldn’t recommend entering the pool with dry hair.”

What are some favourite products for protecting hair from chlorine?

Hazan said it does help to use a conditioning treatment in between dips to protect the hair cuticles from chlorine. She also said sun protection is particularly important for colour-treated hair and suggested using Lock + Block Protective Spray ($26). Thankfully, there are plenty of products to help protect hair from both chlorine and UV rays during Summer.