8 Cute Slides For Women on the Go – All Under $50

If you’re constantly on the go, slides are an ideal shoe style for you. They’re easy to put on and incredibly comfortable. The effortless design is a big trend for Summer, so get yourself a pair to go with jeans, dresses, and more. We selected the very best options under $50 – see for yourself. It’s hard to pass up deals like these.

Travel in Style – These 15 Flat Sandals Are Chic, Comfortable, and All Under $20

Comfort is key when it comes to Summer dressing. Whether you’re headed on a city break holiday or somewhere tropical, having the perfect shoe makes all the difference. Ditch those uncomfortable heels for a pair of flat sandals you can wear the whole day without getting tired. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, because we found 15 cool pairs on Amazon. They best part: they’re all fewer than $20, so you don’t have to feel bad about wearing them out. Whether you’re on the hunt for lace-up ones or an easy slide, we have you covered. Take a look ahead.

Is Sex on the Beach Safe?

When it comes to getting hot in the sand, it probably seems like the perfect romantic and seductive spot for holiday sex or a fun night outside in the Summer. (After all, how many movies feature a beach sex scene? The answer: A LOT.) However, is it really safe? I mean, there’s a strong chance that sand is going to get in and around down there, which can definitely be uncomfortable and maybe even unhygienic, posing a risk to your vagina’s health. Before ditching your bikini bottoms in the heat of the moment, here’s what you should know about having sex on the beach.

Is It Safe?

Yes, it is safe, but it can increase risk of bacterial infections and STIs if you get too dirty (in the literal sense), explained Karen Brodman, MD, a gynecologist in New York. Basically, as you’re exposed to sand, it can mess with your vagina’s health by creating tears in the skin, which is sensitive to rough materials, like sand. “Don’t get sand in your vagina. Ouch. Obviously sand can cause abrasions,” she said. Wash it off in the ocean if you need to in order to keep the area clean, she added.

Some Tips

To protect your vagina from sand, having sex over a barrier can help. “Make sure you have a beach towel underneath so you don’t get abrasions on your skin,” Brodman said. You can also see if it’s possible to get a cabana or lounge chairs in order to have sex on the beach without actually touching the sand.

You also need to use sunscreen, as you can get burnt on all of your skin – even your vagina! “Use sunscreen on exposed skin. You want hot sex but not a burn,” she said. Plus, while it might seem obvious, you still need a condom, especially since the possibility of abrasions can put you at a greater risk of STI transmission. “Be prepared, bring condoms for contraception and/or STD avoidance,” she said. “Theoretically, if there is an abrasion, [you’re] more likely to get a blood-born STD like HIV or Hepatitis B/C,” she said, which enters through cuts in the skin.

Besides, even if your partner is STD-free, these abrasions can be super painful for both partners, she said. The takeaway? You’re free to have hot sex on the beach, but you’ll want to be prepared to avoid any possible discomfort or serious ramifications.

16 Movies That Pair Well With Your Kid’s Mood – No Matter What It Is

Sometimes a movie is a mom’s best bet to solve her kid’s problems, especially when she’s exhausted the craft projects, the cooking experiments, and her favourite books. Never do you need an activity that will entertain your children for longer than 10 minutes and appeal to both your preschooler and your older kids than when you have a grumpy kid on your hands who just needs some downtime to chill.

Luckily, there is a wealth of awesome kids’ movies, both old and new, that will appeal to children of all ages and their parents. From in-theatres-now newcomers that will delight your kids and give you an excuse to serve them popcorn and candy for dinner to old-school classics that remind parents of just how magical childhood can be, the following 16 movies all deserve to be on your bucket list. Pair them with your kids’ (or your own) moods both to entertain and to turn those frowns upside down and get your fun back on track.

The 30 Best Romantic Comedies You Can Watch on Netflix This Summer

There’s nothing better to do on a scorching Summer day than to find an air-conditioned refuge and curl up with a feel-good romantic comedy. With a Netflix account, you’ll be able to experience hilarious holiday getaways, sun-kissed weddings, and lush beach trips . . . all from your home. Right now, you can instantly watch classics like 13 Going on 30 and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Looking for modern romance? There’s that, too. Netflix has been releasing widely adored original rom-coms like Set It Up and The Kissing Booth. Read on to see what goofy and charming romantic movies you can stream during your Summer of love.

Kim Kardashian Just Made This Electric Blue Minidress a #MOMENT in Paris

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West joined Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner, and Kylie’s BFF Jordyn Woods in the front row at the Louis Vuitton menswear show in Paris. Even though Rihanna was there, standing by in straight-off-the-runway suiting from Virgil Abloh, it’s safe to say Kim’s electric minidress drew focus from the crowds.

Kim’s blue cargo number, likely a custom piece from the new Yeezy collection, was a stark contrast to her dark accessories: spandex biker shorts, Alpina shield sunglasses, and her cell phone, a treasured item. But while the mini provided structure, Kim’s single toe loop sandals made us shaky just looking at them.

Of course, from PVC mules to thin, wraparound snakeskin stilettos, there’s not much the star hasn’t pulled off with confidence. Ahead, get an all-angles view of her striking a pose with her husband ahead of the show, then pick up a pair of daring heels to make ’em all look twice.

NO ONE Wears Cutoffs and Combat Boots Better Than Miley Cyrus, and We Have Picture Proof

At 5’5″, Miley Cyrus actually stands at a pretty average height. But it’s like she wrote the friggin’ rule book on how to elongate your legs in the Summer. The singer stepped out in LA in the most simple pieces: a white tee, Balenciaga belt bag ($750), dark sunglasses, Dr. Martens combat boots ($170), and a pair of Levi’s denim shorts that flattered her figure. Miley’s cutoffs felt lived-in, slightly distressed, and featured a slight fold at the hem.

They also came in a high-waist silhouette, which Miley highlighted in a cropped shirt, instead of one that extended past her hips. It’s safe to say that grabbing a casual green juice never looked so good, and it all started with those true blues. Read on to shop for a similar design with the same structure and wash that you probably won’t take off all season long.