Sam Armytage slams paparazzi ‘bastards’

SUNRISE host Samantha Armytage claims “bastard” paps went to desperate lengths to snap a photograph of her at the beach yesterday so she shared a swimsuit picture of herself “for free.”

The 41-year-old spent the scorching day with a group of friends when she says a drone was used in an attempt to capture her day out at the beach.

Armytage used Instagram to spray their attempts online with the hashtag “p*ss off paps.”

“Lovely, quiet, relaxing Sunday swimming with friends … & 4 paparazzi & a drone. Bastards,” she wrote overnight.

“Trying to ruin my weekend bliss & make money from pics of me in my swimmers.

“Well here’s one for free #pissOffPaps.”

The “free” photograph is a similar tactic used by Australian pop icon Sia, who shared a nude photo leak in November after she discovered that a paparazzo was shopping them to the highest bidder.

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“Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!” Sia announced on Twitter at the time.

Armytage, who publicly lashed out at media for asking about her love life recently despite addressing it herself on numerous occasions, marked her four year anniversary of co-hosting Sunrise last August.

At the time, Armytage demanded a shift in focus from her love life following her Sunrise interview with Queensland “hot cop” Mason Jago.

“I’m one of the country’s senior female journalists. I host a fast-moving, wideranging, top-rating, 4-hour daily breakfast program … I have minors in American Politics & PR / marketing … So if you ever want to ask me any intelligent questions (including but not limited to; our politicians’ citizenship, the state of the Australian cricket team, beef prices …) I’d be happy to answer them,” she wrote last August.

The spat came during the same month she had an uncomfortable confrontation with comedian Kathy Griffin on air.

Armytage brought up Griffin’s widely-criticised photoshoot with a bloodied severed head resembling Donald Trump, and asked if she’d gone too far.

Griffin fired back angrily: “You’re full of crap. Stop this. You know this. Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the President of the United States is committing.”

On Mark Latham’s Outsiders a month after the blow up, Armytage explained that she’d felt a responsibility to their audience to “call [Griffin] on it” because no one else had done so during her promotional interviews.

“As a journo, I sensed that she was happy to give it but not take it. Personally, I think the beheading joke wasn’t very funny,” she told the panel.

Kim’s flashy Instagram reveal

KIM Kardashian has sent her fans into a tizzy after she posted a topless selfie of herself just wearing some shimmering underwear.

It comes after the new mum was pictured modelling a see-through dress on a beach in Malibu, reports The Sun .

The 37-year-old left little to the imagination as she concealed her modesty by placing her forearms over her chest.

She showed off her amazing gym-honed figure in the sexy snap as she wore just a pair of silver shimmering underpants while posing in front of her bathroom mirror.

Her ice blonde hair cascaded down the side of her face as she pouted for the camera.

Kim is known for her sexy snaps and previously posed naked while pregnant and posted a topless snap of her and Emily Ratajkowski which quickly went viral.

Earlier this week Kim admitted she’s totally self-absorbed in a candid Twitter chat with her fans.

The reality star was responding to a fan’s tweet that read: “Is it me, or is @KimKardashian Sooo Self-absorbed.. even when she’s saying Nothing.. lol.. & I Like the Kardashians.”

Kim replied: “No it’s not you, I totally am!”

The new mum has already started styling her newborn daughter’s outfits.

The reality star showed off a snazzy top with Chicago’s name emblazoned across it after announcing proudly their daughter’s unusual name on her website.

Kim and Kanye West welcomed their third child via a surrogate last Monday.

The lilac jumper was soft cotton and printed with a faded script reading Chicago, the child’s name.

It appears like the newborn already has a nickname — thanks to aunty Khloe.

Kim’s little sister — who’s currently expecting her first child with beau Tristan Thompson — revealed that her niece was known as Chi, pronounced shy.

Meanwhile, half sister Kylie Jenner, is also believed to be pregnant. She was spotted out in public for the first time since September, wearing a plain black tracksuit, with a baggy jumper.

The 20-year-old appeared to be showing off what appeared to be a baby bump, while out with her mum Kris Jenner and best friend Jordyn Woods, according to The Sun.

Jenner, who has not confirmed her pregnancy, is expected to have the baby in February. The usually avid social media user appears to have taken a break from posting on her accounts. Her last Instagram post was on December 26, wishing everyone a merry Christmas. She retweeted a post about her Kylie Cosmetic lipsticks being back in stock on January 6.

It is thought that Kylie’s social media blackout won’t be a “permanent thing”, though.

A source told Entertainment Tonight: “Kylie has been chilling at home for the most part and just living her best life. She has really enjoyed this time away from the spotlight.

“It’s the first time she can remember in her entire life not being followed by cameras and she’s just trying to enjoy this privacy.

She’s definitely not going to deny that she’s had a baby, or continue to evade questions about it all, reports The Sun.

“This isn’t a permanent thing. As soon as the baby is born, she will make an announcement and introduce the baby to her fans.

She will also address the fact that she went “dark” on social media and in the public eye.

This story first appeared in The Sun.

Kim’s surprising New Year’s resolution

KIM Kardashian has revealed what her 2018 new year’s resolution is — and it’s not good news for her millions of online followers.

The reality star, 37, has vowed to improve her life by “being on her phone less” — despite having built her brand through selfies, apps and emojis.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star pledges to be “more in the moment”, having enjoyed more quality time with her family this year in the aftermath of her Paris robbery.

She announced on her website: “My New Year’s resolution is to be on my phone less and be more in the moment.”

Previously Kim blamed her social media activity for making her vulnerable to the Paris robbers who targeted her in October 2016 — which explains why she didn’t reappear on apps for three months.

Reflecting on the attack, she said: “What I think happened now, after like thinking about it so much, is that there was probably a group of guys that were following us the entire trip.

“I was Snapchatting that I was home and that everyone was going out.

“So I think they knew [bodyguard Pascal Duvier] was out with Kourtney and that I was there by myself.

“They had to have known we were leaving that I was there by myself. They had to have known we were leaving that day.

“They had this window of opportunity and just went for it,” she added.

At the time, Kim took a break from the spotlight and loved her “slower life” without constant online updates.

Now Kim is about to welcome a third child to the Kardashian/West family via surrogate which will no doubt demand some attention from the mum.

She and Kanye West are already parents to North, four, and Saint, two.

Meanwhile her sister Khloe is also awaiting the arrival of a child — her first with Tristan Thompson.

And Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the sisters, is expecting a baby too though she is yet to confirm it.

Today, fans even started to speculate Kendall Jenner might be pregnant after her latest selfie appeared to feature a “round belly”.

The model, 22, uploaded a mirror selfie showing her in a dotted dress with the caption “loner life”, and fans’ eyes were drawn her middle — with some claiming she could now be carrying a child.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was republished with permission.

Heigl and hubby retake nude shot, 12 years later

KATHERINE Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley celebrated a decade of marriage by re-creating an ironic nude photo they took 12 years ago.

Heigl, 39, posted the two images side-by-side on Instagram. They both feature her lounging in the bathtub, raising a glass, while singer-songwriter and actor Kelley, 37, sits in the foreground shirtless wearing a headband and holding a drink.

“So when @joshbkelley and I had been dating a few months or so we took the first totally random #royaltenenbaums esq photo. Last night 12 years later we took a second one to commemorate our 10 year wedding anniversary,” Heigl wrote.

“A few things have changed since then. I quit smoking, thank God! I’ve put on a few pounds. I don’t often do spontaneously weird things like take random bathtub photos in the middle of the night anymore. But what hasn’t changed, is that burning desire in me to be with this man. I gotta be honest. There have been moments where I didn’t think we’d make it. Where I wanted to take my pillow and smother him in the middle of the night. But I’ll tell you what. The more time I spend with this guy the more deeply I begin to understand that he is the best of me,” the former Grey’s Anatomy star continued.

“When the whole world falls into disarray and nothing makes sense to me he is my shelter, my safe harbour. When self doubt and self loathing creep into my soul he is my champion, my number one fan. He has bolstered my spirits more times than I can count and he has led me through the darkness back into the light even more times than that. In quiet moments of reflection I feel an overwhelming gratitude that I married this man. This man with his giant, compassionate heart. His laugh so hard I cry sense of humour. His passion and positivity. His talent and drive. His broad chested, sexy ‘I got this’ attitude. His joyful, unconditionally loving parenting style. I don’t think there’s a person who’s met him that doesn’t love him and I get to call him mine. He makes me better in every way by loving me and believing in me and for never giving up on me. So here’s to 10, 20, 40 more years of us! I love you @joshbkelley more than you can probably imagine and then some!”

The photos were inspired by Wes Anderson’s 2001 movie The Royal Tenenbaums.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post and is republished here with permission.

Karl and Jasmine’s cheeky Christmas photo

KARL Stefanovic was his usual cheeky self on Christmas Day.

In his first ever public Christmas photo with his girlfriend, Jasmine Yarbrough, the Today show host appears to be doing something … um … interesting … to a reindeer with his right hand.

The photo, which was posted on Yarbrough’s Instagram page, is a rare glimpse into the notoriously private couple’s relationship.

Stefanovic and Yarbrough got together last year, not long after he split from his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn.

The Channel Nine star was criticised by some for moving on so quickly, but in July he defended his actions in Stellar magazine.

“I certainly did not expect to meet someone five months after I broke up with my wife,” Stefanovic said.

“That was not planned. I did not know her before. I met her on a boat in Sydney. We have a really lovely relationship, but it’s got to be slow for a variety of reasons. I’m not going to share too much on that publicly because I don’t think that’s fair on anyone involved.

“It was unexpected and lovely, but we’re going to try to keep a level of privacy to how we’re going and what we’re planning, especially considering I have three beautiful children who need to be taken into consideration.”

Another person who needs to be taken into consideration is Stefanovic’s ex-wife, who is still reeling from her split with the TV host.

In October Thorburn opened up to Woman’s Day about the “dark days” she experienced after Stefanovic walked out on their marriage.

“I realised I was going through stages of grief, and to me it was like someone had died,” she told the magazine.

“The children still have a father but I don’t have a husband. He really is dead to me and no, we won’t ever be friends again.”

Adjusting to life as a single mother to the couple’s three children Jackson, 18, Ava, 12 and River, 10, has clearly been tough.

“There were days in the beginning I would get up, put on a brave face and drop the kids at school, then I’d get to the back door and I would lie in a heap for the rest of the day unable to move — there were very dark days,” Thorburn said.

“I was completely gazumped when I realised Karl had gone.”

Tiffiny now post-baby poster girl

FIVE days after she gave birth, Tiffiny Hall was in her hospital room dressing her newborn son in a jacket and booties hand-knitted by his grandmother. She knew she looked sleep-deprived and puffy, but she decided to go ahead and take a photograph in the bathroom mirror, anyway — little Arnold was just too adorable in that outfit.

So she took the photo and posted it on Instagram. “I am so proud of my body creating this beautiful baby boy,” she wrote. “Arnold, my tiny knitwear model, what a joy you are.”

And with that, the former Gladiator and The Biggest Loser trainer retreated back into the cocoon of love she and her husband, radio and TV star Ed Kavalee, were enjoying with their new son.

But when she next logged on to Instagram, Hall was astounded. “All the comments were about my tummy and not my gorgeous baby,” she tells Stellar. “I was wearing a singlet and I still looked very pregnant with fat arms, yet all these women were thanking me for being honest in showing my body. It made me realise that women really do feel pressure to bounce back — even five days after having a baby. I thought, ‘That’s it — I’m going to keep putting out images of my body.’”

Without realising it, the 33-year-old — swollen belly, nursing top and all — had hit a nerve, providing her followers with a rare dose of normalcy. A quarter of a million people have viewed the photo and Hall, who once wowed Australia with her trim figure and sculpted abdominals, is now the poster girl for honest, genuine post-baby bodies.

“I’m not going to sacrifice time with Arnold to go to the gym, and I’m not going to sacrifice my milk supply by dieting,” she tells Stellar. “I don’t want to waste a single delicious newborn minute worrying or obsessing about my body.”

For his part, Kavalee was bemused. Having made a career out of the comical on radio and, more recently, on TV’s Have You Been Paying Attention?, he is incredulous at the insight his wife’s post gave him into the pressures women face. “I can’t believe there’s an industry in what I call ‘pregnancy-doesn’t-affect-me-at-all’,” he says with a laugh. “Comedians have a bullsh*t meter where we look at the gap between what’s being presented and what’s true. What other surgery do people expect you to be completely rid of five days after you’ve had it? If I had a liver transplant, no-one would expect me to be on Instagram five days later with the hashtag #noliver. No-one expects you to break your arm and be #javelin.”

Indeed, as the couple pose for their Stellar shoot — with Arnold, now almost 13 weeks and dressed in more delightful handmade knits — they reveal Hall has been inundated with offers to showcase her weight loss and return to a “bikini body” in magazine features. Some must have presumed that as the face and body of the TIFFXO fitness and diet program, with its 25,000 members, she would be anxious to be back in peak condition.

“Having a baby is a huge thing and the recovery is important,” she says, gazing at her son. “I was stretched and sore and raw, and emotionally I was shattered. I was concerned about putting out pictures of my body, but Ed told me I looked beautiful and to go for it. If the members of my program judge me, then I don’t need those members. I’m happy having the right kind of people on my program.”

If the reaction to Hall’s decision offers insight into the modern airbrushing of motherhood, then it also illuminates the preconceptions we can have of those we do not know. To many, the former Gladiator named Angel seemed like a freakishly fit version of womanhood with her swathe of blonde hair, golden skin and biceps as pumped as her pillowy lips.

But look beyond the lycra hotpants and high kicks, and you discover a girl as grounded and ordinary as the viewers who grew so captivated by her on television. Hall grew up in Brunswick West, an inner suburb of Melbourne, where her parents were taekwondo instructors. She worked hard in the family dojang, gained two degrees at university, started working as a journalist and threw herself into fitness because it genuinely made her happy.

When Kavalee decided to interview her for his radio show — he had become bewitched after watching an episode of Gladiators — he realised she was as much girl-next-door as goddess. He was smitten; she’d barely noticed him. Hall laughs, “I was in the zone about to tear someone down from 30 metres in the air. I wasn’t up for flirting.”

But Kavalee, who will begin hosting breakfast radio on Sydney’s 2Day FM with Em Rusciano in the new year, kept asking Hall to come into the studio. Hall takes up the story: “In the end I said, ‘For goodness sake, ask me out for dinner rather than calling me in to do breakfast radio at silly hours.’ He was like, ‘Oh, OK.’ I gave him my number and we have been inseparable ever since.”

A decade on, they are a team in every sense of the word. When Kavalee, 38, leaves at 4.30am for radio, he discovers his wife has drawn faces and messages on his boiled eggs. He prints photos of the two — now three — of them and regards Arnold’s soaking nappies as cause for celebration. “I’m so proud of Tiff — it’s like, wow, what an amazing job she must’ve done feeding him to get a nappy like that. Since Arnie came along I love my partner so much more. I’m so impressed by the small things.”

Hall, likewise, is “overwhelmed with love” for Kavalee, particularly because of his support through her difficult pregnancy. Similar to the Duchess of Cambridge, she suffered extreme sickness that lasted all day, and was twice hospitalised suffering dehydration.

“Ed was so supportive,” she says. “He’d hold bowls filled with water and fresh ginger for me to sniff because I couldn’t even hold the bowl. He’d hold back my hair when I was sick and he even filmed some fitness videos for me and my members because I was too sick to do it.”

If the pregnancy was arduous, Arnold’s birth was no less eventful. At a routine appointment, Hall discovered she was 2cm dilated and labour progressed suddenly. When Arnold’s heart rate dropped, Kavalee grew teary but Hall insisted he “coach” her through the birth so she could deliver their son safely.

The little boy was born on September 11 weighing 3.42 kilos and measuring 48cm. Kavalee had come up with the name Arnold after discussing Brisbane Broncos star Allan “Alfie” Langer on radio. Arnold, he says, sounded similar and besides, they’d been beaten to their other favourite — friends had just recently named their new dog Hank.

Despite her horrific pregnancy, Hall says she was ready to have another baby from the second Arnold was born. “I can’t believe how awesome it is. I was so fearful that something was wrong with my baby because of how sick I was. I was so relieved when he came out; now my whole day revolves around his smiles.”

Kavalee adds that he now has more appreciation for couples who start large families. “I can see how much love we have for him and how much we have for each other — and I can understand how people end up with nine kids.”

They are adjusting to parenthood, and laugh that getting to the post office and back is now worthy of a high five. But they resist the idea that they should be commended for “keeping it real”. Yet given that she garnered so much support for being transparent and open — about her pregnancy, her labour and the changes to her body — it is worth wondering if Hall now feels pressure not to lose that baby weight.

“That’s a good question,” she says thoughtfully. “I always looked very fit because my body was functional and I loved fitness and it made me feel happy.” For now, though, “I like doing my 20-minute workouts at home with Arnie because it makes me feel good and like I can take on the day.”

She pauses, aware other mums are keen to gobble up her views on everything from sleep schedules to breastfeeding. But her honesty is not a brand; it’s who she is. “I’ve always been about exercise that makes you happy, not deprivation or punishment. I’m not sure where I’ll land, or if I’ll ever be a size six again.”

She smiles. “Right now I’ve still got a mum pouch. I don’t know if I’ll have it in six months. If I do? I’ll be rocking it.”

Em Rata shares risque holiday snaps

EMILY Ratajkowski puts her free time on holiday to good use as she poses totally nude for a saucy black and white social media snap.

The model-turned-actress, 26, perched on a bench and gazed seductively at the camera for the picture as she covered her boobs with her arms, reports The Sun.

The former star of the Blurred Lines video is accustomed to posting naked portraits of herself online but this is one of her raciest yet.

It was taken by her pal Kat who she also enjoyed a spot of sailing with off the coast of their holiday destination.

Indeed, Ratajkowski has been enjoying her latest luxury holiday in a place she calls “paradise”, and also spent thanksgiving there.

Naturally she’s been updating her fans on her latest looks in a variety of swimwear ensembles which she sells through her own label.

She even did a sexy dance for an Instagram video in a black, cut-out swimming costume.

Ratajkowski also modelled one of her own clothing items on thanksgiving — a leopard print bikini.

Tagging in her swimwear line, the brunette beauty captioned the pics: “Happy thanksgiving from paradise @inamorataswim.”

Fans loved the snaps and they received a total of almost 700,000 likes in an hour.

In a previous interview with Glamour magazine, Ratajkowski has revealed how she uses Instagram to build her brand, and her life isn’t necessarily as perfect as it seems in pictures.

She confessed: “It’s not real, it’s a version of reality, and as a visual person who loves art, photographs, fashion, I’m kind of interested in the fantasy.

“But it’s important to realise that some people have a hard time distinguishing what’s fantasy and what’s reality.

“We owe it to our followers to show the glam, but then also the real you.”

This article was originally published on The Sun and was republished here with permission.