‘You racist pig’: I’m A Celeb explodes

WELL, this was always bound to happen.

After niggling disagreements with campmates including Peter Rowsthorn and Paul Burrell, David Oldfield has had his first full-on I’m A Celeb fight.

The blow-up happens in tonight’s episode, and sees former One Nation politician Oldfield and comedian Fiona O’Loughlin clashing over Indigenous welfare issues.

A question from AFL player Josh Gibson to Oldfield – “What do you actually think about Aboriginal people?” – quickly led to a heated argument between Oldfield and O’Loughlin, who lived in Alice Springs for 27 years and fostered “many” Indigenous children during her time there.

Oldfield had questioned how much Aboriginal people had contributed to modern society, while O’Loughlin explained that her own son works closely with Aboriginal communities and has seen first-hand the effect of ignorant comments and beliefs like Oldfield’s.

“You’re suffering white guilt,” Oldfield told her. “They didn’t invent anything.”

“Oh, you racist pig,” O’Loughlin shot back.

“People talk about reconciliation, which is inappropriate because we have never been together and it’s to bring together two peoples that have not been estranged. What time do Aboriginal and others feel they’re together as one group?” Oldfield asked.

“Wind bags like you need to shut up and give them time,” said O’Loughlin.

“It’s primarily my taxes that are paying for all this,” says Oldfield.

“And it’s primarily their children that are dying prematurely. Their death and heartache, not yours,” says O’Loughlin, rising from her camp bed.

“You are HIDEOUS to me, HIDEOUS. You make my skin crawl. My son would wipe the floor with you. I don’t have the knowledge that he does, but I dare you, I challenge you to meet my son on the other side of this,” she tells him.

“Why would I bother?”

“Because he knows what he’s talking about, and you f**king don’t,” she says, turning her back on Oldfield and leaving the campsite.

“Well you only know what your son knows, and we’re not sure what that is …”

“Oh, F**K YOU,” she yells as she leaves.

It appears that the Oldfields are turning off viewers as well as their campmates — Tuesday and Wednesday night’s episodes of the show, the first to feature the couple at length, were also the first episodes in the four Aussie seasons of I’m A Celeb to draw under 500,000 viewers across the five metro cities. Last night 496,000 people watched I’m A Celeb, compared to 1.34 million tuning in to Married At First Sight over on Nine at the same time.

See how the established I’m A Celeb contestants have reacted to their newest campmates:

I’m A Celeb airs 7:30pm Sundays to Thursdays on Ten.

The Block stars stun with ‘biggest reno risk’

WHEN The Block stars Michael and Carlene Duffy began construction on their dream home, there was one design choice they knew could go terribly wrong.

The couple went bold inside and out with their property in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast and painted the exterior black.

“[It was] The only choice,” Carlene told news.com.au about the recently completed project. “It was just a matter of getting the right black because I didn’t want it to be confused as a charcoal — I wanted it to be a true black. If the light was shining on it, I didn’t want it to lighten. [The paint colour] Is actually called ‘blackest black’.”

Just last year, footy star Lance “Buddy” Franklin and his model wife Jesinta Franklin copped front page flak when they painted their plush $2.3m home in Sydney’s Rose Bay completely black. And Carlene admits the celebrity couple probably didn’t get it right.

“She might’ve missed the mark,” she said. “That’s probably just the style of that house — it would’ve been better with a black body and light colours for the trim. If it’s all in that particular style it probably just didn’t work.”

She added: “In the right setting and with the right design, it can work. We did it with the brick to break it up and, with the greenery all around, we knew it would work. We knew it would be a risk and a bold statement.”

It’s been the biggest project to date for Michael and Carlene, who bought the Queensland property eight years ago.

The new extension includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms and brick tower that features a rumpus room and office space. A sun-drenched breezeway links the extension to the original two-level home which contains the kitchen, living room, dining room and extra bedrooms.

While the original abode is yet to be renovated, Carlene says they plan to “flip” another property before they complete stage two of their “forever home”.

The sun-drenched interiors of the new extension feature dark timbers, exposed brick, glass walls and bronze fixtures.

“It’s true to our style in that it’s quite eclectic — a heap of texture with the brick and the VJ wall panelling,” she said.

“We pulled from different styles and applied it in a way that’s unique. Because this is going to be our forever home we felt comfortable borrowing from multiple styles and making it what we wanted.”

While Carlene’s favourite room is the master bedroom, she’s also proud of the hallway.

“It’s come together really lovely with the windows on one side and the brick and the rug,” she said. “It’s the only white space — I don’t usually do a lot of white.”

‘I crossed the line’: MAFS star to Davina

ZOE Hendrix has issued a public apology to Married At First Sight’s Davina Rankin, admitting that a joke she made had “crossed the line.”

Zoe, who found love with Alex Garner on the show in 2015, revealed that Davina had reached out to her personally after she shared a meme showing an edited photo of the model holding up a sign listing her top priorities as “Fillers, fame and Instagram followers”.

Davina, 26, has quickly became one of the most unpopular figures on the Australian reality TV landscape after openly pursuing another woman’s husband on the dating reality series.

She’s received widespread backlash, regularly been a trending name on Twitter — not in a good way — and is understood to be largely staying away from social media.

Amid the drama, Zoe claims Davina contacted her via private message on Instagram and begged her for compassion.

The Married alum posted her message on Instagram, and added a lengthy caption of her own, apologising for going too far and urging others to consider the impacts of cyber bullying.

At the beginning of this season, Zoe made it clear she wasn’t impressed with Davina’s treatment of her husband.

During an episode of ‘Zoe and Erin Unfiltered’, a show which she co-hosts with fellow Married star Erin Bateman, she slammed the contestant for trying to promote her “brand”.

“So I’m struggling to understand why he got treated like he did by his new wife Davina,” she said. “If your husband annoys you after the first 15 minutes … that’s a bit of concern.”

Zoe added: “I feel like maybe she’s got a brand and an image … she wants a partner to match that … Maybe who you’re looking for and who you want to meet your brand is not the person that you need.”

Earlier this week, Davina revealed in a message to Hit 105’s Stav, Abby and Matt via social media that she’s been having a really “hard time” with the fallout from her behaviour on the show.

“A lot happened behind the scenes,” Davina wrote in a message to the hosts.

“It’s so hard for me to even watch the show as I know the context of the conversations and some of the sentences are from days before so it’s almost impossible for me to make sense.”

She added that she’s a “good person” underneath it all.

“I know it’s everyone’s job whether it is selling magazines or getting listeners on the radio,” Davina said. “But until it directly affects you it’s really hard to get your head around.”

Housewives explode: ‘I know a c*** when I see one’

AFTER an explosive season in which we saw racism allegations, weird weight obsessions and a scragfight at a children’s birthday party, it’s time for the Real Housewives of Melbourne’s season four reunion.

There are so many questions to be answered — did Sally really call Gina a wog bitch? Did Lydia ever actually tip that guy who shielded her from the searing Mexican sun with an umbrella all day?

And is Janet officially the world’s oldest, drunkest woman, as her castmates continually insist?

Last week’s recap: Real Housewives ‘roast’ turns ugly

First, the best part of every reunion: the Housewives arriving at the Foxtel studios make-up free looking like — gasp! — NORMAL HUMAN PEOPLE.


“Janet really needs to go see someone about her drinking problem,” says Lydia, adopting a tone of sisterly concern. And then: “She is the most disgusting woman I have ever met on this planet.” Beautiful words, Lyds.

Let’s get down to it. Is Janet an alcoholic? Should this reunion double as an intervention?

“Oh, probably, what can I say. Jesus. I should probably be in rehab, to be honest,” she shrugs. Janet you are truly the Meredith Palmer of Real Housewives and we salute your lifelong quest to pickle yourself. Just… lay off the tequila.


We’re shown side-by-side shots of Gamble as we hear once more the women’s seemingly endless commentary on her weight loss this season — which actually doesn’t seem that drastic, given she was a tiny slip of a thing to begin with? Gamble concedes that maybe she did get “a bit too thin … weight comes and goes.”

Then there’s Lydia, whose slight weight gain between seasons has seen her charitably labelled “CHUBBA-LUBBA-WUBBA-WUBBA” by Janet in a previously unseen master interview.

Asked by Alex if she thinks Lydia is less beautiful when she’s heavier, Janet says: “I don’t notice that her weight changes.”



The Housewives all talk up their respective ventures — Lydia her cooking classes, Jackie her Shine it Up seminars, Sally her Balinese hotel — each bragging that business is booming thanks to the exposure they’ve gained from the show.

Then comes this wonderfully sarcastic truth bomb from Gamble, who this year launched her own online store: “I’ve sold four candles and one handbag. It’s an amaaaaazing platform for me.”

One venture a certain Housewife would prefer we all forgot about is Gina’s regular “Judge Gina’ first-person column in NW magazine — a column in which she’s repeatedly slagged off Gamble.

“I don’t write those columns, darling,” she insists.

“I would think that if you had your own column with your own name to it, that you actually wrote that column,” Sally counters.

“You would think … but I don’t. It’s not my column.”


Gamble says Gina’s a “bully” with “no real friends,” again airing her disgust that Gina had labelled her a gold digger behind her back.

But Gina’s not budging — she insists that Gamble, and for that matter all the other women here, would only want to be with a man of means. Gamble so wanted someone wealthy, Gina claims, she falsely wrote she had a PHD on her eHarmony dating profile to attract a highly educated, wealthy husband.

Gamble reluctantly admits that yes, that is true.

“I kept getting these idiots … so I kept upping and upping [my education] until Rick popped up.”

Let’s hope Rick’s not watching the reunion, lest he discover his lovely wife isn’t actually an astrophysicist.


Janet’s had it with Gina this season: “If people really knew the truth about her, she wouldn’t have one single fan on this planet, because she is not a nice person.”

Mid-argument with her longtime frenemy, Janet decides she’s had enough and walks off set for approximately three minutes, venting to the crew as they try to herd her through the bowels of Foxtel HQ like a ballgowned sheep.

“I don’t care if she’s over me … I’m over her a long time ago,” Gina shrugs. “She’s like Satan. She’s the false accuser of the brethren. She’s quite an evil woman.”

Host Alex Perry says he’s heard talk from behind the scenes that both Jackie and Janet have threatened not to return next year. Indeed, Janet announced in an interview in a recent issue of NW that she felt done with the show after four seasons.

“I don’t want to be part of a group of women where I feel like it’s fake,” says Jackie, glancing pointedly at Venus.


All season long, Lydia’s been trying to drive a wedge between besties Janet and Jackie, insisting vaguely that Janet’s not the loyal friend Jackie thinks she is. Over the course of 11 episodes, she’s provided no concrete evidence.

Now’s the time, Alex tells her. Put up or shut up.

“I actually don’t want to tell you,” she says, a smirk on her face, explaining that the goss she has would “probably” destroy their friendship. “I will tell Jackie … eventually.

She suggests Janet may not remember her “betrayal” of Jackie because it’s tied to her “disgusting” drinking habit, leading Gamble to chip in with this delicious warning: “We all know you have your habits Lydia. I’d suggest you shut up.” WHAT ARE HER HABITS? (Apart from mangling the English language, of course).


The ugliest feud of the season started when Sally (“Who? Who? WHO?”, is how Gina responds when Alex mentions her name) dared call Gina a “bully” during the group’s Mexican trip.

Gina accuses Sally of “hunting me down,” telling her that “your approach to me is unforgivable. I’M not a bully, YOU’RE the biggest bully I’ve ever met.”

Jackie jumps in: “She is NOT a bully, and you should’ve been there for her when she lost her husband!”

“I DON’T CARE. IT DOESN’T MATTER,” bellows Gina, apparently dismissing the fact that Sally lost her husband of two decades to cancer mere months ago. She never comes off particularly well at these reunions, does she?

Sally throws in a line she’s quite clearly been practising in front of the bathroom mirror all season in preparation for this very moment: “I’m no gynacologist, but I know a c**t when I see one, Gina.”

Alex Perry is in heaven:

Well, Gina certainly doesn’t hold back now:

“YOU’RE the c**t, not me. You’re some pleb who’s walked in on our platform to launch her brands. You’re insignificant. I have nothing more to say to you. I will not work with you, I will not travel with you. You have no education, you are a PLEB. That’s why you lived in Bali. And you worked at Harper’s Bazaar for THIRTY F**KING SECONDS!”

While the rest of us try and work out the correlation between Sally being a pleb and living in Bali, Jackie’s up and crossing the Housewives sofa divide, scolding Gina and demanding she control herself, grabbing her arm like a mum in a supermarket telling off her toddler.

But Sally’s grinning from ear to ear, no doubt aware that Gina’s only making herself look bad — and all but guaranteeing her another season on the show:

“Stop it. STOP IT. Stop it. Stop it,” Jackie says, then takes on a directorial role, telling Alex that he needs to wrap up the reunion now. “I know where this is going, and it needs to stop now.”

But Gina’s not finished. “Do you know how many people have warned me you’re an arsehole?” she yells at Sally. “You’re not very well admired. She’s foul, she’s puuuutrid.”

In the end, Gina calms down for long enough to offer some parting words of wisdom.

The problem with this group, she tells Alex, is that everybody assumes the worst of each other. Usually a group of friends cut each other some slack, lean towards smoothing over any arguments and erring on the side of conciliation. With these women, everyone’s on high alert for shade and hidden barbs.

Does that mean, Alex asks, she could actually patch things up with Sally?

“ … Nup.”

That’s that, then.

That’s Real Housewives of Melbourne over for another year. Until season five, chat all things RHOM with recapper and putrid pleb Nick Bond on Twitter at @bondnickbond.

‘Filthy’ txts bared in drunk fallout

MARRIED At First Sight’s cheaters have come under siege, with the group slaughtering them at a drunken dinner party and one of the jilted partners exposing the “filthy, sexual” texts that were sent.

The fallout of Dean and Davina’s affair continues on Wednesday night’s episode as all the couples gather for a late-night, champagne-fuelled dinner party. It’s the first time they’ve all come together since news of the fling rocked the experiment at Sunday night’s commitment ceremony. And while Dean and Davina would like everything to be forgotten, there are others in the group who demand answers.

DAVINA LASHED: James Weir recaps MAFS episode 15

The last of the couples to arrive at the dinner party, Tracey and Dean have come straight from the Grammys where they won best R&B release.

Carly’s rocked up to the party alone because Justin is still driving an ice-cream van around Italy. She’s devastated and embarrassed, but just as we’re about to go over and comfort her, Davina brings up Dean and, sorry Carly, but the affair takes priority over you and the Dairy Queen.

“Guys, he is a smooth talker. That guy had me hook, line and sinker,” Davina tells us, trying to make Dean the only villain in this narrative. “I was risking my whole time on here for something I thought was real. I just can’t believe he can get away with it.”

Davina’s got a plan. She wants to convince us that it was all Dean’s fault and she was just an innocent victim. But we’re smarter than that and every time she talks to us, we pretend to listen but secretly judge her.

Meanwhile, it’s all water under the bridge for Ryan and Dean.

“Hey Ryan, how are ya bro?” Dean asks, holding out his hand.

“F*ck off,” Ryan replies.

The snub angers Dean and, over dinner, he tries to tell everyone that Ryan is actually the one responsible for the whole affair.

“We had a private conversation and Ryan told me that Davina liked me and he has no problem with her pursuing me. And he actually encouraged me to hook up with her,” he says.

We all turn to Dean and give him this look.

Dean’s refusal to take responsibility and his attempts to blame everyone but himself anger the village. Smack talk starts getting thrown around.

“You’re a f*cking bullshit artist! You are a f*cking c**khead!” Telv calls out. “You’re f*cking pissing me off!”

Ryan adds some flair to his insult with alliteration and dubs him “D**khead Dean”.

Nasser gets so riled his perm starts to frizz and he almost develops fine lines and wrinkles.

Davina thinks her plan is a success. She’s turned the room against Dean and everyone’s forgotten she was even involved in the affair. She celebrates by drinking all the wine.

But if she thinks she’s going to escape this evening unscathed, she’s bitterly mistaken. Tracey thought she could get through tonight without a confrontation. But Davina’s lack of regret or remorse leaves he wanting to flip a table.

“I’m gonna call her on it,” Tracey tells us.

Tracey tells the other ladies how Davina instigated the affair. And she reveals their text messages contained a lot more eggplant emojis than what producers showed us last week.

“She was sending filthy, sexual text messages to Dean. But he was doing it back,” she tells us. “It was hard reading those f*cking texts. And it was both ways, let me tell ya.”

We start to feel sorry for Tracey but then she starts jolting her neck and saying her “hit it and quit it” catchphrase again and we immediately lose our sympathy.

Tracey works herself up into a spin and decides to go drag Davina. But just as she’s about to pull her hair, Dean stands up to make a toast.

“I just wanna say Tracey, I’m so sorry for what I did,” he says as we all look stunned. “I’m very, very sorry. In front of everyone, I’m trying to make it up to you. I hope everyone can respect that.”

We then start heckling him.

“F*ck off!” Ryan yells.

Dean’s fed up. He’s sick of being painted as the villain, even though he is. He starts over-explaining the affair again and throws the blame on Davina. He tells everyone it was all her.

We all immediately light our torches and run down to Davina at the end of the table.

She tries to play it down.

“It wasn’t like, ‘Hey I wanna suck your d*ck,” she says as we screw up our faces, confused about why she thought that was the best thing to say right now.

Things are messy and we’re all so overwhelmed we start to turn on each other. Nasser begins chanting, “Leave the prick!” and then Tracey accuses him of judging her.

The night has fallen into mayhem and everyone has lost sight of what we’re here for — to see a fight between Tracey and Davina. We need Tracey to not lose focus. We pull her away from Nasser and grab her by the shoulders. Immediately, she snaps out of it and recalibrates. We shove her in the general direction of Davina.

“We need to talk. Can we do that now?” she slurs. They slump off into a quiet room so we can hear better.

To Tracey’s face, Davina attempts to make herself seem like the victim. It doesn’t go over well. They then employ my favourite passive aggressive move to use in an argument and begin every sentence with the word “honey”.

As tears roll down Davina’s face, she tries to explain the emotional depth of her affair with Dean.

“He talked about my DOG!” she sobs.

Tracey returns to the dining room even more infuriated. All she wanted was an apology and she didn’t come close.

“I’m gobsmacked,” she says.

Davina has a very different take on the chat.

“I’m just proud I stayed strong,” she says.

She then gives us a catchphrase that rivals Tracey’s “hit it and quit it”.

“I’m never gonna change me,” she says stoically with a flick of her hair. I’m using this next time my editor asks why I’m late.

It’s after midnight and the champagne has gone flat. So much has been said and yet there are still so many questions that need to be answered. We just don’t have the energy to ask them.

In a moment of clarity, Ashley addresses perhaps the biggest problem of this whole affair.

“I don’t understand. Out of all the guys, why Dean? He’s not even hot,” she exhales.

We glance around the table. Everyone stares blankly. And suddenly, things are in perspective.

For more observations on Olay Regenerist and the iconic Jennifer Lopez/Puff Daddy relationship, follow me on Twitter: @hellojamesweir

Hot Aussie trio set to join Geordie Shore

GEORDIE Shore has turned to Australian talent to freshen up the show, with three of four new faces on the reality TV program coming from Oz.

The Sun Online has revealed Aussies pole dancer Dee, club promoter Alexander MacPherson and estate agent Nick Murdoch will all be appearing in the hit MTV show.

Joining the Ausies will be British lad Grant Molloy, 21, whose social media pages show he loves to party.

The quartet have been pictured partying with Sam Gowland and Chloe Ferry in Surfer’s Paradise over the weekend and the group looks to have hit it off.

Grant walked hand-in-hand with Abbie Holborn, while Nick also looked to have had success with the ladies.

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Sam and Chloe led the way holding hands, with Chloe’s bum on display through her ripped fishnet tights, The Sun reported with photographs today.

Petite Dee from Sydney likes showing off her pole skills on Instagram and is a fan of the great outdoors, while heavily tattooed Grant is a keen gym goer and party boy.

Hunky Alex will bring plenty of brawn to the series while Nick looks to be a laid-back, social guy.

A leaked photo of the Geordie Shore cast filming in Australia emerged yesterday, offering a sneak peak of the new cast members.

Waxy’s Irish Pub in Queensland shared the photo with the caption: “There’s no better pub in Surfers! @geordieshore” with a host of hashtags.

The image showed Nathan Henry and Sam Gowland sat around a table with three boys.

Just last month an insider said: “The cast will be filming in Australia and they’ve been told to expect some surprises — including two hot locals.

They continued: “They’re all buzzing to start filming and love when MTV send them on an adventure like this.

“It makes the show feel really fresh and exciting.

“Bosses are keeping the identity of the two people completely under wraps but they’re being brought in to really shake things up in the group.”

Earlier this month, it was revealed that show newcomer Stephanie Snowdon had been axed from the show after just one series after claiming to have history with Aaron Chalmers.

Stephanie joined the show alongside fellow newcomer and former Love Island star Sam.

A source told The Sun Online: “Stephanie has been fired after the first series.

“She lied to producers and said she had unfinished business with Aaron and then came in and did nothing about it. She’s been sacked and won’t be going to Australia to film with the rest of them.”

The story originally appeared in The Sun and is reproduced here with permission

Glaring MAFS question we all want to know

MARRIED At First Sight’s most eccentric groom Troy Delmege appeared open, honest and relaxed during his interview on the Today show this morning.

The reality TV contestant, who has continually perplexed viewers with his bizarre behaviour on the show, was grilled by Georgie Gardner and Karl Stefanovic on his relationship with his on-screen bride Ashley Irvin, and their frequent blow-ups.

But there was one big elephant in the room — in the form of a series of explosive photos.

Earlier this month, Troy was busted rolling around in the grass (literally) with another bride, Carly Bowyer — who currently happens to be matched with millionaire Justin Fischer on the show.

The pair were photographed in a Melbourne park lying on top of each other, with Troy grabbing her buttocks as they were making out.

It’s obviously a huge spoiler and blatantly points to the end of at least two relationships — but despite plenty of chatter around his situation with Ashley, wasn’t brought up once during Troy’s Today appearance.

However, he did reveal his feelings on the situation with Married’s resident villain Dean Wells, who’s been slammed by fans for his dalliance with fellow contestant Davina Rankin behind his bride Tracey Jewel’s back.

In a promo for tonight’s episode, it’s clear there’ll be a big blow-up between Dean and the other contestants, who largely seem to have turned on him.

But he’s got at least one supporter in Troy, who insists that Dean has been misunderstood.

“Look, Dean may have made a mistake. I actually think Dean is a really classy bloke, I like Dean,” he told the hosts.

“Classy?” Georgie repeated in disbelief.

“I like Davina, I like Dean … if you get to know him he is so down to earth,” Troy insisted.

“He’s gentle and caring. Get to know him, he is a really good guy … He’s got very humble roots, had a lot of situations in life.”

Married At First Sight continues 7.30pm tonight on Nine.