Oprah ‘baffled’ by nasty Trump

OPRAH Winfrey has admitted being baffled after she was described as “biased and slanted” by Donald Trump after a report she filed as an interviewer on 60 Minutes.

The talk show host came under fire from the president following her stint on the famed show, in which she met a group of voters in Michigan — some of whom had voted for Mr Trump in the 2016 US election — to hear their thoughts on his first year in office.

Mr Trump tweeted: “Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey, who at one point I knew very well, interview a panel of people on 60 Minutes.

“The questions were biased and slanted, the facts incorrect. Hope Oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all of the others!” Winfrey told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres of her reaction to his tweet.

“I woke up and I just thought …” She shrugged and held her hands up in the air to display her confusion, and added: “And, I don’t like giving negativity power, so I just thought … what?” Winfrey also said Mr Trump’s comments made her look back at the footage to see if she had been fair.

“What I actually really did was I went back and looked at the tape to see if there was any place that that could be true,” she said.

Winfrey said she thought part of the interview — which saw the panel discuss topics including Mr Trump’s comment about people from “s**thole” countries and tax laws — needed to be fixed to make it “more balanced”.

She added: “I was working very hard to do the opposite of what I was hate-tweeted about so, it’s OK.”

Mr Trump’s remarks about Winfrey reignited the conversation about her possibly running for office, after she sparked speculation that she could be a strong contender following her rousing speech about equality at the Golden Globe awards.

She later said she had no desire to put herself forward as a Democratic candidate for the 2020 election.

How much celebs donated to gun cause

NOTHING gives a movement that extra touch of glamour quite like star power. So the young survivors behind March for our Lives will be delighted that Hollywood’s most glamorous activists are throwing their weight behind the cause.

Famous names including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Amy Schumer and Cher have voiced their support for the action to prevent gun violence, with Oprah, the Clooneys and Steven Spielberg promising donations of $US500,000 ($640,000) each.

“Cameron good talking to you last night. All of your bravery is amazing. I stand with you guys,” Bieber tweeted Cameron Kasky, the 17-year-old student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High who created the #NeverAgain hashtag and Facebook page after 17 people were shot dead at his school in Parkland, Florida.

George Clooney started the financial ball rolling on Tuesday, announcing in a statement that he and Amal were “so inspired by the courage and eloquence” of the Florida students. The activist couple promised to attend the March 24 rally and make a donation in the names of the couple’s eight-month-old twins, Alexander and Ella.

Hours later, film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg and wife Marilyn said they would donate the same amount, calling the students “brave young leaders” who have “taken their pain and grief and turned it into action”.

Director Steven Spielberg said the students in Florida and across the country were “demonstrating their leadership with a confidence and maturity that belies their ages”, promising he and wife Kate would also put in $US500,000.

Oprah Winfrey said the young people reminded her of “the Freedom Riders of the 60s who also said we’ve had ENOUGH and our voices will be heard,” vowing she too would match the Clooneys’ donation.

Gaga said she was “speechless at their courage” and “proud that these kids and young adults are our future”, while Schumer exhorted her Twitter followers to “demand that lawmakers do their jobs and take action to prevent gun violence”.

In a tweet almost entirely in capitals and littered with exclamation marks, Cher said she believed the movement could scare Congress into action, adding “KIDS CAN BE CATALYSTS 4 CHANGE.”

It is remarkable evidence of the age of celebrity activism we live in today, promising that the march in Washington and across the US will indeed be “bigger than anyone could ever imagine”, as student leader and Florida shooting survivor Sofie Whitney told news.com.au this week.

This is the #MeToo and #TimesUp era, when the great and the good dress in black at the year’s most glittering events to draw attention to the issue of sexual harassment and assault.

Oprah has already been tipped to run for President after her rousing Golden Globes speech about racial, gender and class divides — and her support for these determined youngsters indicates this will indeed be a historic moment.

The teenagers at the centre of the tornado are well aware of the task ahead of them, and determined to keep the momentum going. Unlike the Sandy Hook survivors, they are old enough to be heard by President Donald Trump and Congress.

They have been meeting with state senators, lobbying representatives and discussing legislation. “I think it’s just our way of grieving,” said Sofie, 18. “We couldn’t just sit back while we let everyone forget about us, we need to make sure this never had to happen again.

“No kid should have to do this for themselves, no kid should have to watch their friends die, but we did and we have to do this now.”

The gun lobby is evidently scared of what they could achieve, with a sickening conspiracy theory circulating that the young people are actually paid actors. Internet trolls have suggested students including Sofie, Cameron and Emma Gonzalez are actually “crisis actors” hired by the FBI and Democratic Party elites to destabilise the Trump administration.

That only seems to prove just how powerful today’s youth really is.

Streep blows up at Weinstein’s legal move

HARVEY Weinstein wants a judge to dismiss a federal sexual misconduct lawsuit against him and invoked the words and actions of Oscar-winning actresses to do it.

But she’s not tolerating it.

Oscar-winning actress Meryl Streep has struck out at the disgraced movie mogul’s lawyers for using her name in an attempt to get a class-action lawsuit against him dismissed.

The triple Oscar-winning star said their action was “pathetic and exploitative” after they cited her saying was never harassed by the producer in an attempt to shut the case down.

The lawyers were responding to six women suing Weinstein and the Weinstein Sexual Enterprise, which they said included his brother Bob and a studio they co-founded, The Weinstein Company.

In a statement, Streep said: “Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys use of my (true) statement — that he was not sexually transgressive or physically abusive in our business relationship — as evidence that he was not abusive with many OTHER women is pathetic and exploitative.

“The criminal actions he is accused of conducting on the bodies of these women are his responsibility, and if there is any justice left in the system he will pay for them — regardless of how many good movies, made by many good people, Harvey was lucky enough to have acquired or financed.”

While the lawyers did not go as far as to say Streep’s comment was evidence he was not abusive to others, they did argue the case should be dismissed because it is “fatally overbroad” and would include all women he has ever met.

Lawyers Phyllis Kupferstein and Mary E. Flynn wrote this would include actresses such as Streep and Jennifer Lawrence who have not made allegations of sexual misconduct.

They pointed to Streep saying Weinstein had always been respectful with her during their collaborations in a statement to the press.

They did not mention that Streep also praised the “heroes” who made allegations about his behaviour, which she said was “inexcusable” and an “abuse of power”.

Lawrence told Oprah Winfrey that she had known Weinstein since she was 20 and said “he had only ever been nice to me,” according to the filing written by attorneys Phyllis Kupferstein and Mary Flynn.

They did not mention her adding: “Except for the moments that he wasn’t, and then I called him an a**hole.”

The filing also questioned the veracity of claims that the women who sued were under duress because of threats Weinstein made if they complained. It cited Gwyneth Paltrow as an example, saying she went on to work with Weinstein and win an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love in 1998 after he was accused of harassing her during the filming of Emma in 1994.

“Paltrow was not so offended that she refused to work with Weinstein again, nor did her career suffer as a result of her rebuffing his alleged advances,” the court papers said.

They were arguing against the New York lawsuit claiming the statute of limitation on allegations do not apply because the accusers were allegedly under duress not to make the claims earlier.

“Paltrow was not so offended that she refused to work with Weinstein again, nor did her career suffer as a result of her rebuffing his alleged advances,” the lawyers wrote.

The lawsuit, which could potentially involve hundreds of other women, said Weinstein assaulted young women trying to break into Hollywood when they were alone with him and that his former film companies operated like an organised crime group to conceal widespread sexual harassment and assaults.

Representatives for Lawrence, Streep and Paltrow did not immediately reply to messages from The Associated Press seeking comment.

Lawyer Elizabeth Fegan, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of six actresses, said her team looks forward to showing that “Weinstein and his enablers should be held responsible for decades of assaults and cover-ups.” “If Weinstein thinks he will win by twisting women’s words against them, he fails to understand the law on sexual assault and the depravity of his own conduct,” Fegan wrote in reply to an email.

At least 75 women have told the news media that Weinstein harassed, behaved inappropriately toward them or assaulted them.

Weinstein, 65, denies all allegations of non-consensual sex.

Kate glows at designer fashion event

A GLOWING Kate Middleton used a stunning print dress to show off her baby bump as she entertained guests at a lavish Buckingham Palace reception.

The Duchess of Cambridge plumped for the stunning black Edrem number just hours after she was criticised for failing to wear black to the BAFTAs as part of a campaign highlighting sex harassment, reports The Sun.

Kate was hosting a reception for the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange, which aims to create partnerships between designing talent in Commonwealth countries.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop was also expected to attend the event.

In London to discuss Australian Foreign Policy and the benefits of free trade agreements, Bishop has made time to take on another, less official role, as “Fashion Minister”.

Hosting the best of British fashion event with Australian High Commissioner Alexander Downer earlier this week, Bishop caught up Australian designer Willow — who was chosen to be part of the inaugural Commonwealth Exchange Program.

Of her own style, Ms Bishop told News Corp in 2014 that she prefers to buy “investment pieces” but is careful to live within her means.

“I’m careful with what I spend but I also try to buy clothes that will promote an appropriate image for Australia,” she said.

She said she’s a fan of Armani and Isabel Aujoulet, as well as Louis Vuittonand Christian Louboutin shoes.

She was accompanied by the Countess of Wessex, who chose a simple striped Burberry dress.

Kate tenderly rested her hands on her bump as she chatted to a star-studded guest list that included designer Stella McCartney, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and America Vogue editor Dame Anna Wintour.

Kate is expecting her third child with Prince William in April.

She is already mother to four-year-old Prince George and two-year-old Princess Charlotte.

The Duchess made her first public appearance after announcing the pregnancy on World Mental Health Day after missing every official engagement for more than a month.

The time off sparked fears that she could be suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (severe morning sickness), which may have forced her to announce the pregnancy early.

This story first appeared in The Sun.

Hillary Clinton to reveal future plans in Australia

FORMER Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is coming to Australia to talk about her future plans after losing the 2016 US election to Donald Trump.

Mrs Clinton is expected to give a candid account of the presidential election and share stories from her New York Times bestseller, What Happened.

Mrs Clinton’s tour An Evening With Hillary Rodham Clinton is being planned by The Growth Faculty.

REVEALED: Trump slams FBI over Florida shooting

Since leaving office Mrs Clinton has commanded up to US$300,000 (A$379,000) for delivering major speeches. Tickets for An Evening with Hillary start at $195.

According to a blurb for the event, Mrs Clinton will “free from the constraints of running … share the intense personal experience of becoming the first woman nominated for president by a major party in an election marked by rage, sexism, exhilarating highs and infuriating lows, stranger-than-fiction twists, Russian interference, and an opponent who broke all the rules.”

The event promises to reveal: “What Happened and what’s next.

“Secretary Clinton explains how she got back up after a loss, and how we can all look ahead.

“An illuminating insight into Secretary Clinton’s experience as a woman in politics — she lets loose on this topic, and others, in a way she never has before.”

The Australian Financial Review said Mrs Clinton is expected to headline a number of business events during her time in Australia and visit a close friend who she went to college with and lives in Adelaide.

RELATED: Trump — “I never said Russia didn’t meddle”

The identity of the friend is a secret due to security and privacy concerns. Mrs Clinton also visited the friend during her 2012 visit to Adelaide.

During that visit parts of the South Australian capital were placed on lockdown as she visited her friend at a secret location. Mrs Clinton was the first US Secretary of State to visit Adelaide as she travelled in a motorcade of around 20 vehicles and visited a number of regional highlights including local wineries.

Her trip to Australia in 2012 was part of annual US/Australia ministerial talks.


Mrs Clinton’s book What Happened, released in September, revealed sad details about how she coped with her crushing loss to President Trump in the US election.

“I had to fight back a wave of sadness that threatened to swallow me whole,” she writes at the beginning of the book.

“At every step, I felt I had let everyone down. Because I had.”

Her opponents claimed the book was “insufferable”.

Senator John McCain advised Mrs Clinton to “shut up” and “move on” and said she “doesn’t have anything better to do”.

Others have accused her of continuing to whinge about her shock general election loss.

President Trump himself still takes occasional potshots at “Crooked Hillary” on Twitter.

But that hasn’t deterred Mrs Clinton, who made an unexpected cameo at last month’s Grammy Awards, appearing in a celeb-filled skit poking fun at the man who beat her to the US Presidency.

Grammys host James Corden introduced a humorous skit involving Mrs Clinton who appeared reading a copy of Michael Wolff’s controversial book Fire and Fury.

“He had a long-time fear of being poisoned. One reason why he liked to eat at

McDonald’s: Nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely premade,” she read.

The Trump administration was not impressed with US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley claiming the skit “ruined the Grammys”.

Mrs Clinton’s tour kicks off in New Zealand on May 7, followed by Melbourne on May 10 and a final show in Sydney at the ICC Sydney Theatre at Darling Harbour on May 11.

Watson donates $2m to sex abuse fund

HARRY Potter actor Emma Watson has made a $2 million donation to a new fund that will help set up a framework and provide support for those affected by sexual harassment.

Tom Hiddleston and Keira Knightley are among the names listed on the official Go Fund Me page as having each donated $18,000.

Other donations visible are $1000 from Emma Thompson, and $2000 each from Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker and Noomi Rapace. The donations follow the publication of an open letter backed by more than 200 leading female stars in the entertainment industry.

The letter, one of two published in The Observer newspaper ahead of Sunday night’s Bafta awards, demands the eradication of sexual harassment from across all industries.

Double Oscar-winner Thompson and Bond star Naomie Harris are among signatories on the open letter standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Time’s Up movement in calling for an end to harassment, abuse, and impunity in a world “ripe for change”.

The stars of film, TV and stage have also joined forces with more than 160 activists, academics and service providers, to launch the Justice and Equality Fund which will resource a network of support and advocacy across the UK.

The Bafta film awards will see Britain’s biggest stars joined by activists on the red carpet, while many attendees will wear black in solidarity with Time’s Up, the movement launched following the sexual harassment scandal that engulfed Hollywood after allegations were made against film producer Harvey Weinstein.

The open letter from women in entertainment states: “This movement is bigger than just a change in our industry alone.

“This movement is intersectional, with conversations across race, class, community, ability and work environment, to talk about the imbalance of power.” The letter highlights the gender pay gap, the insecurities of the gig economy and freelance work as well as research which found more than half of women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment at work.

It says high-profile stars “need to use our power as communicators and connectors to shift the way society sees and treats us”.

“We need to examine the kind of womanhood our industry promotes and sells to the world.” They call for “collective power” in bringing the Time’s Up movement to workers across all industries “in the limelight or the shadows” to galvanise others and invite supporters to donate to their new fund.

Gemma Arterton, Andrea Riseborough, Gemma Chan, and Tessa Thompson are among the stars who will be accompanied at the Baftas by activist guests in a move mirroring the Golden Globes last month.

A second letter signed by more than 160 activists, academics and service providers welcomes the involvement of the stars.

Princess Mary honours late father-in-law

PRINCESS Mary has visited a floral tribute to her late father-in-law, Prince Henrik, as the Danish royal family mourns his death.

Draped in a flag bearing the royal coat of arms, Prince Henrik’s casket was taken on a procession through the streets of Copenhagen.

Thousands of people lined the route as the hearse, which was followed by Henrik’s wife Queen Margrethe, their two sons Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, and other family members, left Fredensborg Palace where Henrik died on Tuesday aged 83.

Across the country, Danish flags were at half-staff and gun salutes echoed through the capital at dawn, in honour of Henrik, before his white coffin left the castle he loved.

After family members paid their respects privately, the coffin was due to be moved again and from Saturday will go on public display in the chapel of the Christiansborg Palace, which houses Denmark’s Parliament and prime minister’s office.

The funeral will be held on Tuesday for family and friends only.

Although Henrik and the queen appeared to have a solid marriage, the French-born prince had publicly vented his frustration at not being her social equal.

He was titled prince consort — the husband of a reigning queen but not a king — and he wasn’t in the line of succession, his oldest son Prince Frederik being the heir.

Henrik caused a scandal last August by announcing that when he died he didn’t want to be buried next to Margrethe in the cathedral where the remains of Danish royals have gone for centuries. The queen already had a specially designed sarcophagus waiting for the couple.

The palace has said it will respect Henrik’s wish to be cremated, with half his ashes to be spread over Danish seas and the other half buried in the royal family’s private garden at the Fredensborg Palace.

Denmark’s royal family traces its lineage back to the Viking king Gorm the Old, who died in 958.