This YouTuber’s 10-Step Korean Beauty Routine Includes a Cult Aussie Product

If the idea of a 10-step Korean beauty routine sounds like it’s really not your thing, then we bet you’ve never watched one of Rachel Nguyen’s videos. One scroll through her Instagram and she’ll have you coveting everything she uses on her face (and wears and talks about) in five minutes flat. Whether it’s sharing what she ate while doing Whole30, providing endless style inspiration, or schooling us on how to bullet journal, Rachel really does live up to the hype of her rightly titled blog and channel, That’s Chic.

So, we weren’t surprised when her 10-step Korean beauty routine just happened to feature a cult Aussie brand that we’re currently obsessed with, Red Earth. From its branding to its products there’s pretty much nothing in the Red Earth line up that we don’t want to try. However, after hearing Rachel share how good she thinks the Hydrating Boosting Toner with Tasmania Sea Kelp is because she literally trusts anything that comes of Australia, and because it always picks up all the dirt left on her skin, this product has officially cemented itself in the top spot on our try next list.

Watch Rachel’s full Sunday skin video here and check out the toner below.